Now for some happy thoughts, we have a visitor!

You just never know when a good friend is going to cross your path in a most unexpected way.

I’ve been sort of learning some Spanish for my work for a while, and now that we’ve decided to move to Panama I’ve become more serious about it. I found this on line business that connects you with language teachers and you meet over skype. It works really well and I like the one on one instruction better than a class. My instructor has been very helpful and over time we have become friends as well. He’s in San Francisco so we’ve been able to meet a couple times in person when I have been out there, and of course we talk every week during lesson time. I’ve made a couple comments here and there that he should visit Florida some time, not really knowing it would come to pass.

Well today,  my Spanish teacher arrived at my house! How cool is that. I think we’re going to have a very nice time and who knows, he might like FL enough to consider staying here. And, I’m also going to be able to speak a whole lot of Spanish which will help me with my learning.

The picture – I passed this fountain many times and enjoyed how the water sparkled in the sunlight. One day I had time to stop and take a few photos. I love light and water, so this looks like a picture of happiness to me!

Moving Forward!

After a week of making some progress with ups and down, I’ve had a spectacular 4 days – 4 1/2 pounds down. I’m not sure why the last few days have been different but it’s nice to see so much progress.

I’m having definite clothes problems. It seems everything I have is so big it’s in danger of falling off, and I find myself without much of anything to wear. Even the scrubs I altered not so long ago look big again. What a nice problem to have! But, I hate to buy anything new knowing, or at least planning to continue to shrink. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to get busy with the sewing machine again.

The picture – we were driving home one evening and the sky was doing the most spectacular things. In the end it was such an intense orange the whole sky looked like it was on fire. This is a photo taken with our Nikon and unaltered, untouched, un-photoshopped in any way. It really did look like that!

Catching up

Whew! What happened. Last I knew I was going about my days, things doing all right, and then I was offered a bunch of work. I’ve been trying to play catch up ever since! It’s hard to complain when I have more work than I want, especially knowing so many who would give anything to have work, but at this point I need to slow down enough to catch up.

Things are good with the weight loss. I’m down over 13 pounds in 20 days on this round, over 37 pounds in total since I started. I’m feeling good, and since I’ve started taking a bit of fruit with me in the mornings I haven’t had any further blood sugar issues.

The dog is doing well. He has regained 2 1/2 pounds of the 3 that he had lost, and the vet was amazed at how fast he turned around. I’m glad I could put my nursing skills to good use, and he spent no time in doggie hospital. He also developed an eye problem and the antibiotic drops I was using weren’t helping. It turns out he had a dry eye, and twice a day drops of doggie restasis cleared that up literally overnight! Hopefully now he won’t come up with any other interesting problems, and things will be smooth for him for the foreseeable future.

I still have work to do, but I’d rather go see what everyone else has been doing so I’m off to check on the other blogs I follow.

In keeping with my new theme, here’s a random photo – I spotted a bunch of snails munching on a bromiliad flower one day, and thought it made an interesting photo.

still testing this theme with photos

Apparently this theme only uses a pic that you upload with the specific post? I thought I took whatever pics it found anywhere in your blog and used them at random. But, if this is how it works I am fine with that. I like the way the main page looks with all the photos so I’m happy to upload a random pic with every post.

This is a photo of some mangroves reflected in the water that I took in Key Largo, FL

New theme, New photos

Apparently this theme uses photos you have included in your blog, so I’m going to upload some and see what happens. Since I have a big interest in photography this might be a nice theme for me.