Day 14

This round seems to be going a little differently. Instead of fairly steady progress, I’ll make little progress for 2-3 days and then I’ll drop over a pound all at once. The scales were down 1.4 pounds yesterday so I wasn’t surprised when they stayed the same today. I also played enough tennis to make my legs tired last night, and that seems to slow things down temporarily. But, overall in 14 days (not counting the loading days) I’ve lost 8.6 pounds. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I started taking a fruit serving to snack on mid-morning, and I haven’t had any blood sugar problems since. I don’t miss the fruit snack in the afternoon so this seems to be a good solution to my noon time blood sugar drops. Generally I’m feeling very good and things are going well.

I see other blogs on here written by people trying to lose weight. I see references to serious exercise programs, serious diets, enormous willpower to stay with the program and I just want to holler – There Is An Easier Way!! I know nothing is the right thing for everyone but after doing the diets and exercise and anything else I thought would help without success, I am a huge fan of HCG!

This is a pic of a water droplet on a bromiliad leaf, uploaded so my new theme can use it on the main page. My husband took this photo with a magnifying lens.

Today it’s my blood sugar

I’ve been talking about my dog, and trying to get his blood sugar down. Today, it was me and trying to get my blood sugar up.

Dr Simeons mentions in “Pounds and Inches” that it is possible to have a low blood sugar reaction but I never paid much attention. That wouldn’t happen to me. I had no problems in round 1, but this time it’s happened to me 3 times.

The first time was last Sunday and I was away from home. I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with hot flashes on my P3/P4 break from HCG so at first I thought that is what it was. After 30-60 minutes though, I was sweating continuously and feeling bad, nausea, dizzy, and very fuzzy headed. I should have figured it out a lot faster than I did! When I did, I ate my lunch and my friend gave me a couple bites of Cliff bar, and I improved and stopped sweating. I still didn’t feel well in general though even the next day, and it was the following day before I felt like myself again.

The second time was Tuesday, and I’m not totally sure it was that. I just wasn’t feeling right so I ate a half teaspoon of honey, and the rest of the day went well.

Then today it happened again. I had just come home from work and was standing in the kitchen talking with my husband. I realized I was having trouble following what he was saying, and then the sweat started trickling down my back and face. This time I took a whole teaspoon of honey and it passed in a few minutes. I have had no after effects, I think because I caught it so quickly this time.

I have a small container of honey in the car for emergencies now! I’m wondering if I should rethink my mornings. Every time it has happened about lunch time before I have had anything to eat for the day. Maybe I should have part of my lunch protein in the morning?

Meanwhile, the dog is getting a break. I haven’t had the time to closely monitor him today so I left him at the same dose. Tomorrow I will try raising his dose another unit and see how he does. I can already see an improvement in the excessive drinking and peeing though, so we’re on to something.