Now for some happy thoughts, we have a visitor!

You just never know when a good friend is going to cross your path in a most unexpected way.

I’ve been sort of learning some Spanish for my work for a while, and now that we’ve decided to move to Panama I’ve become more serious about it. I found this on line business that connects you with language teachers and you meet over skype. It works really well and I like the one on one instruction better than a class. My instructor has been very helpful and over time we have become friends as well. He’s in San Francisco so we’ve been able to meet a couple times in person when I have been out there, and of course we talk every week during lesson time. I’ve made a couple comments here and there that he should visit Florida some time, not really knowing it would come to pass.

Well today,  my Spanish teacher arrived at my house! How cool is that. I think we’re going to have a very nice time and who knows, he might like FL enough to consider staying here. And, I’m also going to be able to speak a whole lot of Spanish which will help me with my learning.

The picture – I passed this fountain many times and enjoyed how the water sparkled in the sunlight. One day I had time to stop and take a few photos. I love light and water, so this looks like a picture of happiness to me!