FDA, FTC act to remove “homeopathic” HCG weight loss products from the market

The article is below. This is SO frustrating!! I have finally found something that helps so much, and has helped so many other people, and they want to take it away from us. HCG may not increase weight loss beyond the low calorie diet, but try staying with that low calorie diet without the HCG and then tell me it doesn’t make a difference!!

I don’t like to think of any of my photos as less than attractive, but this silly ones of a group of frogs was about as an appropriate one as I could find in my collection. Our ponds in the backyard seem to attract some interesting wildlife, including these tree frogs who were having some sort of get together in this crack in our siding.

OK, the article…

*FDA, FTC act to remove “homeopathic” HCG weight loss products from the



*For Immediate Release:* December 6, 2011
*Media Inquiries*: Shelly Burgess 301-796-4651,
shelly.burgess@fda.hhs.gov or Tamara Ward 301-796-7567,
*Consumer Inquiries:* 888-INFO-FDA

*FDA, FTC act to remove “homeopathic” HCG weight loss products from the
*/Joint action is first step in halting sale of the products/

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission
(FTC) today issued seven Warning Letters to companies marketing over-the
counter (OTC) HCG products that are labeled as “homeopathic” for weight

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by the human
placenta and found in the urine of pregnant women. HCG is FDA-approved
as an injectable prescription drug for the treatment of some cases of
female infertility and other medical conditions.

The letters warn the companies that they are violating federal law by
selling drugs that have not been approved, and by making unsupported
claims for the substances. There are no FDA-approved HCG drug products
for weight loss.

The joint action is the first step in keeping the unproven and
potentially unsafe products from being marketed online and in retail
outlets as oral drops, pellets, and sprays.

The labeling for the “homeopathic” HCG products states that each product
should be taken in conjunction with a very low calorie diet. There is no
substantial evidence HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting
from the recommended caloric restriction.  Consumers on a very low
calorie diet are at increased risk for side effects including gallstone
formation, electrolyte imbalance, and heart arrhythmias.

“These HCG products marketed over-the-counter are unproven to help with
weight loss and are potentially dangerous even if taken as directed,”
said Ilisa Bernstein, acting director of the Office of Compliance in
FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “And a very low calorie
diet should only be used under proper medical supervision.”

“Deceptive advertising about weight loss products is one of the most
prevalent types of fraud,” said David Vladeck, director of the FTC’s
Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Any advertiser who makes health claims
about a product is required by federal law to back them up with
competent and reliable scientific evidence, so consumers have the
accurate information they need to make good decisions.”

According to the Warning Letters, the companies have 15 days to notify
the FDA of the steps they have taken to correct the violations cited.
Failure to do so may result in legal action, including seizure and
injunction, or criminal prosecution.
Consumers and health care professionals are encouraged to report adverse
events (side effects) that may be related to the use of these products
to MedWatch, the FDA’s voluntary reporting program, by calling
800-FDA-1088, or electronically at www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm

The FDA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, protects the public health by assuring the safety,
effectiveness, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and
other biological products for human use, and medical devices. The agency
also is responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s food
supply, cosmetics, dietary supplements, products that give off
electronic radiation, and for regulating tobacco products.

Moving Forward!

After a week of making some progress with ups and down, I’ve had a spectacular 4 days – 4 1/2 pounds down. I’m not sure why the last few days have been different but it’s nice to see so much progress.

I’m having definite clothes problems. It seems everything I have is so big it’s in danger of falling off, and I find myself without much of anything to wear. Even the scrubs I altered not so long ago look big again. What a nice problem to have! But, I hate to buy anything new knowing, or at least planning to continue to shrink. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to get busy with the sewing machine again.

The picture – we were driving home one evening and the sky was doing the most spectacular things. In the end it was such an intense orange the whole sky looked like it was on fire. This is a photo taken with our Nikon and unaltered, untouched, un-photoshopped in any way. It really did look like that!

Catching up

Whew! What happened. Last I knew I was going about my days, things doing all right, and then I was offered a bunch of work. I’ve been trying to play catch up ever since! It’s hard to complain when I have more work than I want, especially knowing so many who would give anything to have work, but at this point I need to slow down enough to catch up.

Things are good with the weight loss. I’m down over 13 pounds in 20 days on this round, over 37 pounds in total since I started. I’m feeling good, and since I’ve started taking a bit of fruit with me in the mornings I haven’t had any further blood sugar issues.

The dog is doing well. He has regained 2 1/2 pounds of the 3 that he had lost, and the vet was amazed at how fast he turned around. I’m glad I could put my nursing skills to good use, and he spent no time in doggie hospital. He also developed an eye problem and the antibiotic drops I was using weren’t helping. It turns out he had a dry eye, and twice a day drops of doggie restasis cleared that up literally overnight! Hopefully now he won’t come up with any other interesting problems, and things will be smooth for him for the foreseeable future.

I still have work to do, but I’d rather go see what everyone else has been doing so I’m off to check on the other blogs I follow.

In keeping with my new theme, here’s a random photo – I spotted a bunch of snails munching on a bromiliad flower one day, and thought it made an interesting photo.

Does anyone notice that you are thinner?

I’ve lost 32 pounds since early September. I still have a fair amount to go, but this is still a noticeable difference, I think. It’s funny. Until recently nobody seemed to notice.

I work for two different companies and in one, nobody has said a word. The other company, a couple people noticed a week or two ago, and now it seems they all notice. When I came in today a bunch of them asked me what I was doing to lose the weight. I was very surprised to find out that a number of my coworkers had also used HCG a few years ago with success. The main thing with them was they were going through a doctor and it was costing them hundreds and hundreds of dollars.I’m glad I have affordable on line sources!

Then, there are my friends. Only one has said anything, and then it wasn’t until we were back home. She emailed me saying she noticed I’d lost weight. This coming weekend I’m going to a holiday party where I’ll see a number of friends I haven’t seen in months so I wonder what will happen.

I don’t care if people notice or not, really. I’m doing this for me, not anyone else. It’s just curious how little we really look at each other. I think we tend to see what is the same – yep, that’s my familiar friend! We tend not to notice what is different until it is too obvious to ignore. It makes me wonder about myself too. How much to I fail to notice about my friends and co-workers? Probably more than I realize.

This is a photo of a banana leaf, uploaded to be used by my new theme.

Day 14

This round seems to be going a little differently. Instead of fairly steady progress, I’ll make little progress for 2-3 days and then I’ll drop over a pound all at once. The scales were down 1.4 pounds yesterday so I wasn’t surprised when they stayed the same today. I also played enough tennis to make my legs tired last night, and that seems to slow things down temporarily. But, overall in 14 days (not counting the loading days) I’ve lost 8.6 pounds. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I started taking a fruit serving to snack on mid-morning, and I haven’t had any blood sugar problems since. I don’t miss the fruit snack in the afternoon so this seems to be a good solution to my noon time blood sugar drops. Generally I’m feeling very good and things are going well.

I see other blogs on here written by people trying to lose weight. I see references to serious exercise programs, serious diets, enormous willpower to stay with the program and I just want to holler – There Is An Easier Way!! I know nothing is the right thing for everyone but after doing the diets and exercise and anything else I thought would help without success, I am a huge fan of HCG!

This is a pic of a water droplet on a bromiliad leaf, uploaded so my new theme can use it on the main page. My husband took this photo with a magnifying lens.

Today it’s my blood sugar

I’ve been talking about my dog, and trying to get his blood sugar down. Today, it was me and trying to get my blood sugar up.

Dr Simeons mentions in “Pounds and Inches” that it is possible to have a low blood sugar reaction but I never paid much attention. That wouldn’t happen to me. I had no problems in round 1, but this time it’s happened to me 3 times.

The first time was last Sunday and I was away from home. I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with hot flashes on my P3/P4 break from HCG so at first I thought that is what it was. After 30-60 minutes though, I was sweating continuously and feeling bad, nausea, dizzy, and very fuzzy headed. I should have figured it out a lot faster than I did! When I did, I ate my lunch and my friend gave me a couple bites of Cliff bar, and I improved and stopped sweating. I still didn’t feel well in general though even the next day, and it was the following day before I felt like myself again.

The second time was Tuesday, and I’m not totally sure it was that. I just wasn’t feeling right so I ate a half teaspoon of honey, and the rest of the day went well.

Then today it happened again. I had just come home from work and was standing in the kitchen talking with my husband. I realized I was having trouble following what he was saying, and then the sweat started trickling down my back and face. This time I took a whole teaspoon of honey and it passed in a few minutes. I have had no after effects, I think because I caught it so quickly this time.

I have a small container of honey in the car for emergencies now! I’m wondering if I should rethink my mornings. Every time it has happened about lunch time before I have had anything to eat for the day. Maybe I should have part of my lunch protein in the morning?

Meanwhile, the dog is getting a break. I haven’t had the time to closely monitor him today so I left him at the same dose. Tomorrow I will try raising his dose another unit and see how he does. I can already see an improvement in the excessive drinking and peeing though, so we’re on to something.


I have been making slow but steady progress on my weight loss, but this morning I woke up down 1.8 pounds!! I wasn’t hungry at all day before yesterday and skipped both fruits. Yesterday I was extra hungry and ate everything. I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything. I’m just happy to see such good progress this morning.

I’m trying this quick post form, so lets see what happens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Wednesday, feels like Friday

I’m glad it feels like Friday because I’m tired tonight, and kicking back and relaxing a bit tomorrow will be nice.

I’m down 0.4 today, total 4.4 this round since I got back to my pre-loading weight last Friday. It’s been a good day, feeling good, plenty of energy, no hunger problems until tonight when I got home and decided I’d had enough excitement for one day. But, all in all I’m very happy.

Before and After

My husband and I got this idea a couple days ago. I chose some pictures friends had taken of me and posted on Facebook last summer, before HCG. Then, we took more pictures at the beginning of round 2 wearing the same clothes, and in the same poses as closely as we could manage. I was surprised! It’s so easy to concentrate on the work yet to be done and not see what I have already accomplished so this was very encouraging.

I know I have a ways to go, but I can definitely see a difference.  I have also managed to upload pictures to my blog, so I feel like I’m learning my way around this site more.  I think I’m going to have fun with this blog!

Good morning day 6, round 2

Is it day 6, or do I count the loading days which would make this day 8? It is day 6 of the low calorie diet part of the process. If I do it for 40 days I have 34 days to go. If I feel well though, I may not stop then. When the weight is dropping it is hard to stop.

I had a low blood sugar incident Sunday and I still didn’t feel well yesterday, dizzy, tired, out of sorts. I slept very well last night and feel better today, so hopefully I’m over that. I’m glad to know from some others in the yahoo groups that I read that this isn’t unusual. It can happen that you have a blood sugar drop, which I knew (but of course didn’t think would happen to me!).  But I didn’t realize it can take a couple days to get yourself back together afterwards.

Today is going to be a better day! I’m feeling better this morning. I had a 0.2 pound drop which isn’t dramatic, but I’m down 4 pounds in 6 days (not even counting the loss of the couple pounds I gained while loading), so this isn’t bad, not bad at all. I’ll take it!