My beginning HCG journal

I started keeping a journal of my journey on HCG before I found my way to this blog spot. So, I’m going to see if I can copy it here in case anyone is interested, and also to have a copy for my own safekeeping.

So… here it is…..

9/1/11  Thursday

The box arrived. I was really going to do this. Would it work? How could I eat little enough to lose weight without being hungry? It sounds impossible. I guess I was about to find out for myself. I went shopping and bought bacon, pot pies, sausages. I took the ribs out of the freezer. I also bought chicken, lean beef, fruits and veggies for the diet phase, and measured out portions of meat and put them in the freezer. I’m ready to GO

9/2/11 Friday

Gorge day #1. What a strange thing! All this food that I rarely eat, and feel guilty when I do, this is all the stuff I’m supposed to be eating I had bacon for breakfast, and cooked the eggs with cheese in the fat in the pan. Ordinarily after such a breakfast I would be too full to eat until evening, but I’m supposed to keep at it. Pot pie for lunch. Ribs for dinner. Sausages and bacon for snacks.

9/3/11 Saturday

More craziness. I just couldn’t bring myself to put cheese in the eggs this morning. It was too much. I am starting to not feel good. I’m not used to eating this way and I feel heavy, slow, full. Heartburn is bothering me more and more. I don’t want to eat any more but I’ll do what I can. I was out so long in the afternoon I actually started to feel hungry, so I came home and had 3 ice cream bars. I felt even worse! The sugar was good but it wasn’t long before it wore off and I came crashing down. Another pot pie and after a while I started to feel better but I definitely don’t feel right. I am craving fresh vegetables.

9/4/11  Sunday, Day #1 of the 500 calorie diet  274

No breakfast, just ice tea. No problem. I’m not that hungry in the morning anyway. It was odd to not reach for the orange juice but as long as I had something cool to drink I was fine. I weighed myself this morning too – up 1.6 pounds from the gorge days. I’ve heard of people gaining a lot more than that, so I’m good with that. I got hungry around 11:30, not bad, but just a – it’s time for lunch – feeling and it didn’t last long. Lunch was chicken, sliced cucumber, strawberries, breadstick and I was oddly very satisfied with that. I was hungry also in the afternoon a bit, and worse at night. I went to bed feeling hungry and sweetened ice tea didn’t do it. But, I was warned the first few days can be like this and it will get better.

9/5/11  Day #2  Monday

Down 3 pounds! I’m probably getting rid of water from the extra salt of the gorge days, but it’s still really nice to see on the scales. Today was better, a little hungry in the late morning and again in the evening, but I felt less hungry going to bed. I could deal with how things went today. And, hungry isn’t the desperate OMG I can’t wait to get home and eat whatever I know is in the fridge and then some. It’s more an empty feeling – hard to describe. I’ve heard people say it could actually be thirst, and I notice if I drink something it does make it subside.

9/6/11 Day #3 Tuesday

Down 3 more pounds! Now this is getting crazy. I weighed myself 5 times, and then I made Joel get on the scales to be sure they weren’t broken or something. This can’t all be water. I must have lost some actual weight, and it sure doesn’t equate to whatever hunger I have been feeling. Today was better still, less hungry, doing fine with the food allowed. I have been saving an apple and breadstick from dinner for an evening snack and that seems to be working out very well. Tonight I had cabbage for dinner. Do you know how long it takes to eat a quarter of a cabbage, chopped? it took me all darn evening!

9/7/11 Day #4 Wednesday

Down 1.8 pounds – this is 7.8 pounds total in 3 days. This is crazy! I feel really really good today! I am in a good mood, happy and mellow. Crazy. I’m maybe a little hungry before meals but nothing serious.  I’m getting better with the stevia drops and tea. That stuff is strong and a little goes a long way – took me a bit to figure that out so for a couple days I was drinking tea that was too sweet. The salad dressings are also very good. I’m liking cucumber slices with the citrus ginger, and tonight I had a lettuce salad with vinaigrette. Lettuce is a lot easier to eat than cabbage – or at least it didn’t take me all evening to eat 1/2 head of chopped lettuce.

9/8/11  Day #5 Thursday

265 Down another 1.2 pounds – total 9 pounds. I can hardly believe this. It’s getting so I’m eager to get up in the morning! I notice I’m also sleeping better, less waking up, less hot flashes. I did have a nasty leg cramp last night though. I haven’t had heartburn all week. I was worried because usually I need some antacids. I was also worried about lack of breath mints but I haven’t felt that old socks taste in mouth either. I miss my lip balm but I’m getting by OK with mineral oil. Today though, I made it home about noon for lunch and I was hungry. I usually wait until 2 or so to eat lunch without a problem, but I ate earlier today. Then, in the afternoon I felt hungry again so I made some tea and that helped. I went out and did yard work which distracted me and that was the last of the hunger. Today was also my first tennis lesson in a couple weeks. I was concerned about how it was going to go, but it was fantastic! I think it’s the best tennis I have ever played. I did not run out of energy, in fact quite the contrary. The weather was considerably cooler which helped but still, I ran around a lot and didn’t feel like I had to quit until 58 minutes. Now it is 8:30 PM and I am still not hungry. I am determined to follow the program exactly though, so I’ll make dinner soon. I am really really happy!

9/9/11  Day #6 Friday

263.8  1.2 pounds – total 10.2 pounds  Came home a bit before noon, hungry, so made tea and drank 2 cups which made it go away. Then I went to work in the yard, not hungry at all. I finally came in at 3PM not because i was hungry, but because I knew I should eat. Same at night. And, I think some of being hungry is just habit – it is time to eat, or I think of something I would like to eat. It would be good if I can break those habits and learn to eat when I am actually hungry, not because a habit says I should.

9/10/11 Day #7 Saturday

262.6  1.2 pounds  – total 11.4  I was out last night and the jeans didn’t fit any differently, but at my size the weight I’ve lost is a small percent of my total. That won’t be the case forever though! Today though, I’ve been a bit hungry again. It was hard waiting until after noon for lunch, and I was hungry in the afternoon but working in the yard helped. Doing the grocery shopping and dividing my meat into portions did not help. This was my first grocery trip since starting the low cal phase and of course I saw a million things I can’t have right now. 31 days of low cal planned. This is day 7.  24 to go. I should make a spread sheet to track all this. I’m having trouble remember the numbers every morning because they are no longer what I think of when I think of my weight. OK, spread sheet done.

9/11/11 Day #8 Sunday 261.8, down 0.8 total 12.2

I’m tired today, been working too much, feel like I’m not sleeping enough. I’m looking forward to a day when I don’t have to set the alarm clock. I was hungry again at lunch time and ended up eating around 1, I think it was. I still felt drained all afternoon. I have a feeling I need more fluids. I didn’t drink all morning because I was working, and then I worked outside in the heat in the afternoon. After I came in and drank a quart or so, I felt better. Surprisingly enough, I had a great tennis lesson. I had enough energy, I was playing well at least for me, and I had a really good time. I’m missing what I can’t have a bit today too. Maybe it’s the weekend with Joel home and seeing him eat anything he wants. I think it’s more mental than physical. I need to remind myself how much this is doing for me with so little pain, and keep my mind occupied elsewhere. This is making me realize how much food plays a part in our relationship.

9/12/11 Day #9 monday 261.4  down 0.4  total 12.6

No hunger today, none, nada. But, I’m SO tired I can barely function. I haven’t had nearly enough sleep and I’ve been working too many days in a row. I worked in the morning and spent the afternoon in the yard which helped a bit.

9/13/11 Day #10  Tuesday 260.4  down 1, total 13.6

Another day with almost no hunger. I see things on TV or elsewhere and think that would be nice to eat, but that’s a psychological thing, not physical hunger. The little bit of hunger I had was early cured with fluids. I am beginning to wonder if my stomach is a little smaller, or is it just wishful thinking? Joel says he thinks he can see it in my face. I feel like I’m settling in to the routine and am willing to stick with it for the rest of the month. Of course it helps that the scales keep going downwards and even if it isn’t huge every day, I’m happy with anything downwards.

9/14 Day #11 Wednesday 260.4  no change, total 13.6

I’m really not concerned about no change today. I figured it would happen now and then, and I’m settling into a more reasonable rate of loss. I will stick with the program and it will go however it goes. I haven’t been hungry today. I even did fine though book club pot luck while everyone else munched on taco salad, I ate lettuce, mushed around some other salad ingredients on my plate but didn’t put any in my mouth, and no one even noticed. Somehow the wonderful looking and smelling assorted pound cakes ended up on the table in front of me, and I had to look away and ignore. After that, but the time I got home at 9PM I was hungry, but by then I probably would have been anyway. So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Oh, tennis today went well but I got tired towards the end. That may be because I played tennis yesterday and I’m not used to two days in a row.

9/15  Day #12 Thursday 260, down 0.4, total 14

I have been processing honey and not dipping my finger into it. I know it tastes good, but knowing what my program is doing is plenty enough motivation to keep my fingers out of my mouths. Amazingly enough, it isn’t that hard. I am getting slightly bored with my food choices, so I went to the store and got some more tea, and some fennel.

9/16  Day #13 Friday 260 – same

I don’t know why progress has slowed so much, but I’m not too worried either. I know I have stayed with the program so it should come in its own time. I’ve read on line that this is common, and after a few days then the scales jumps downward again. I came home for lunch break about 12 and wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat. I wanted to see what would happen if I waited longer. I didn’t make it home again until almost 5 and by then I was really hungry, and feeling very tired like I was low on fuel. I was probably low on fluids as well. After shrimp and a cucumber, and a couple cups of tea I felt better. I’m still a little hungry this evening but not bad. I decided to cut out the breadsticks today, just for good measure. I should probably have lunch at a more reasonable time in the future.

9/17  Day #14 Saturday 259.8  down 0.8  – 14.8

Ahh, a bit of progress. I cut the breadsticks again today, and I stayed away from the hand sanitizer. I’m not sure if there is some moisturizing ingredient that might be better to avoid. I found, a good site that lets you track all sorts of things. I entered what I have been eating and I’m kind of borderline with the 500 cal, but without the breadsticks I have a good margin. So, we’ll see

9/18  Day #15 Sunday 258.4  down 0.8 again,  total 15.6

It feels good to see the scales come down again after that slow spell. No breadsticks again today, 458 calories according to fitday. I feel like I’m getting into a routine that isn’t too hard to follow. The occasional hunger feelings respond to fluids unless I really am due for a meal. Sometimes I think of something that would be nice to eat, but that’s just mental. At first the days ahead seemed so many, but now I’m getting close to the half way mark and the end isn’t so urgent since I’m doing this well. I’m not sure if it is wishful thinking, but I think I’m starting to see some changes – less tummy, less in my chin area. Joel swears he sees changes but maybe he just wants to be encouraging. Maybe there are changes but I just can’t let myself believe I can actually be different. Either way, it’s the 2 week mark and all is well, and progress is being made. That’s more than enough to make me happy.

9/19  Day #16 Monday 257.4  down 1, total 16.6

Is cutting out the breadsticks helping? Was the hand sanitizer causing a problem? I dunno, but it is great to see the loss of the last few days. We did grocery shopping again today – all those things I cannot have. I’ve been a bit more hungry today. Also, I’m tired from working through the weekend. I need to stay focused on what I’m doing. I’m at the half way point of VLCD.

9/20 Day #17  Tuesday 257.2 down 0.2 , total 16.8

Doing OK, hungry in the afternoon so I went out and did some yard work which took care of it. I had a great dinner! Chicken cut up in tiny bits, sautéed in water with 1/4 cabbage chopped, and some spicy Cajun seasoning and some HCG safe seasoning, very yummy and kept me busy eating for quite a while. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with beef.

9/21 Day #18 Wednesday 257.4  up 0.2 *sigh*  total 16.6

Maybe last nights dinner was too much fun. Before though I had 3 days of little progress, and then 3 days of good progress so I think it just goes like that. I’m sticking strictly with the program and it will do whatever it will do. I wonder if getting overtired makes a difference because I sure was exhausted yesterday. I relaxed last night and slept a bit later today and I feel much better. Other than paperwork I have little to do today and tomorrow. And, I have tennis today and tomorrow which I can know can work against you and make you gain fluid, but we’ll see. I feel like my energy is back so I’m ready to get out there.

9/22 Day #19 Thursday  257.4 no change, total 16.6

Same again. I did some reading and learned that this sort of stall happens to everyone, can last 4-7 days, and usually happens in the second half of a round. Hang in there and stick with the program and all will work out. I have another day off today which should help with fatigue and stress, and I’m fine with sticking with the program so we shall see. I would call this day 4 of the stall.

9/23 Day #20 Friday 255.6 down 1.8  total 18.4

The stall is broken! I had a feeling it would be. I’ve been a bit more hungry, but I cut back the last couple days to try and encourage the stall to break, and I’ve planed tennis two days in a row.

9/24 Day #21 Saturday 255.2  down 0.4  total 18.8

Inching closer to the 20 pound mark. Doing OK, a bit hungry lately but considering the calories I’m eating, I can hardly complain. I’m still drinking a lot of tea and that helps. I am starting to look forward to the end of this phase though. I wonder in the next round if 40 days is good, or too long. If I was doing that I would only be at the half way mark now.

9/25 Day #22 Sunday 254.6  down 0.6  total 19.4
3 weeks today, almost 20 pounds. It’s good to be making progress and not stuck. I know it all works out but it’s nice to see tangible results every morning. Hungry again today, a bit. I think it doesn’t help if I’m at my desk a lot. I do better up and active. 9 more days to go.

9/26 Day #23  Monday  254  down 0.6  total 20

20!!  8 more days to go. Can I make it 25? I was a bit hungry in the daytime, but tennis late in the day seemed to turn that around. I was also very fun of energy on the tennis court, surprised even me because I didn’t feel that energetic earlier in the day. I took a bit more HCG today to see if that makes a difference. I’ve also had a few hot flashes which is different.

9/27 Day #24  Tuesday  254  same, total 20

I’m not sure about weight. First it weighed me less, then more, so I split the difference and left it the same as yesterday. Hungry today, and a few hot flashes again. I took more HCG, one extra dose divided in half, lunch time and then mid evening. By tomorrow it should be catching up with me so we’ll see if there is a difference. Maybe it’s just mental, tired of being so restricted? No, I have actually been hungry and craving more food again today. One more week. Should I stop a day earlier or have the first day of P3 on the travel day?

9/28  Day #25  Wednesday  253  down 1  total 21

It might have been slightly more, not always sure what those scales are doing but it if it, we can leave a bit for tomorrow. It’s good to see it down again, and we will see if the last two days of a bit extra HCG help. I also have tennis today.

9/29 Day #26 Thursday 252 down 1 total 22

It was actually a fraction more but with how the scales will weigh slightly differently from one minute to the next, I left it at this round number. Tennis yesterday was good, wasn’t too tired at the end of the hour even though I had a couple really busy days at work and it was hotter yesterday. I was more hungry again yesterday. I wonder if this goes together with the better weight loss results?

9/30 Day #27 Friday 251.6 down 0.4 total 22.4

Took some senna tea in the morning. Bad idea! My stomach was so upset all afternoon and still not right most of the evening. I ate my protein for dinner, and an apple before bed but that was it besides lots and lots of tea. Tired today, end of the week, etc. I have been talking to folks on a yahoo group and decided that tomorrow morning will be my last HCG, which will mean Tues will be my first day of phase 3. That will give me Tuesday on phase 3 before heading to the airport on Wed for CA. I wasn’t sure if waiting until the very last minute was the best idea.

10/1 Day #28 Saturday 250.0 down 1.6  total 24

It was actually a touch more but this seems like a nice round number to end with. I took the last dose of HCG this morning. I hope I’m not feeling like I’m starving by the time my 72 hours is past!

10/2 Day #29 Sunday, 249 down 1, total 25

What weight loss the last couple days! Is it still the senna? I am still feeling the effects. Yesterday I was hardly hungry at all so I ate little, protein and veggie for lunch, protein and fruit at night. It was a tennis day and I played well and didn’t get tired until the end of the hour. I have been drinking a lot and heard somewhere the more water helps more weight loss. It has been a day since stopping HCG so we’ll see how hungry I am today. Someone said more like 48 hours after stopping drops so maybe things will change tomorrow. On the other hand my friend didn’t get her appetite back for quite a while.

10/3 Day #30 Monday 248.8 down 0.2 total 25.2

Woke up this morning still doing OK. It’s 48 hours since the last HCG.

And for some reason, that’s where the journal ends. I know I did well though the rest of the low calorie phase, and started eating a more normal diet on Tuesday 10/4. It was strange. It was almost hard to eat all that food, so much more than I was used to but still not enough to be considered a normal amount.

10/5 I got on a plane. The reason I stopped HCG when I did was because of this trip to California for my daughter’s wedding. I found out later that one needs to be careful of too much fruit and dairy at first, but I didn’t know that at the time.  I packed apples, peanut butter (also too starchy to be recommended), strawberries, cheese and hard boiled eggs. That kept me fed for the day, and didn’t cause any weight gain, luckily.

I was good for the whole trip for the most part, but I could not resist wine and dessert at the rehearsal dinner. I also had a fair amount of champagne at the wedding, and I had to have a slice of cake.  It was honeycomb cake made with honey from my beehives, after all, and it was wonderful! I didn’t pay too much for my sins. I think I went 1/2 pound over my 2 pound limit. But, for the trip home I was again packing eggs, cheese, apples and strawberries and the weight was down in “the zone” the next day.

The rest of the stabilization phase went very well, and I only got out of “the zone” for a couple days. I lost 5 pounds because of a bad stomach flu (not a recommended way of losing weight!) Once I felt better and was able to eat again though, my weight came right back up to where it was, and stayed stable again.

I did a lot of reading and following yahoo groups through this time, and I learned a lot. I think what I thought I knew all these years about proper eating has been all wrong. I ate a high fat diet with limited carbohydrates and almost no sugar,and it worked. I had no trouble with weight gain. But, this is a whole other subject for future blog posts, so at the time I’ll end my account of my journey through phase 1.



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