Beginning of Phase 2

On the last round, I quit writing as soon as I started phase 3. There was the wedding and I got out of the habit, and then I just never quite got back to it. I’m happy to report stabilizing went very well. I gained slightly above the “zone” with the wedding but it was back down the very next day. Otherwise, except for going below for the stomach flu, I stayed in the zone the entire time. I was very cautious with the sugar and starches even through phase 4. Why mess with success? especially when there wasn’t anything in particular I felt I had to have.

11/15/11  I’m using Fitday so I’ll keep the stats over there. First loading day – again, I think part of the deal is overeating and not feeling so well for it, so it’s almost a relief by the time you get to VLCD (very low calorie diet). This time isn’t nearly as scary because I know what to expect. This time I am loading on much more fat, protein, and much less sugar and starches. My one diversion was cheese cake with raspberries and whipped cream. The first bite was heavenly, but by the time I was done I could barely put the last bites into my mouth, and it took me a while before my stomach didn’t feel well. I have some thoughts of things I’ve come to like, but I don’t think giving them up will be anything compared to again making some forward progress on losing weight.

11/16/11  Second loading day. I haven’t been sleeping well and hot flashes are a huge problem. I am so looking forward to some relief from them! I have done better with loading today, except for the Boston Market pot pie which seems to have a whole day worth of fat and calories and took a few hours recovery. Otherwise I have been trying to eat steadily all day, which has been easier because I’ve been home quite a bit today. Now it is end of the day and I’ve had 4387 calories, 295 grams of fat. I think I’m done!  Tomorrow – back to work. I remember being hungry the first day, so it will be interesting to see if I’ve done better loading this time now that I have a lot more information that I did the  first time.

11/17/11  First VLCD day went unbelievably well! I was barely hungry and if I was, some hot tea took it right away. I am very very happy with this first day. Apparently my loading was quite successful. I am feeling generally good, happy, energetic in spite of the lingering sore throat and busy work schedule. My weight had crept up 1/2 pound before loading, so I ended up 3.4 pounds above round one LDW (last dose weight – weight at the end of round 1), not bad.

11/18/11  VLCD day 2 – loading weight gone! Back to R1 LDW. Today again went very well, minimal hunger, feeling good. I played hard tennis for 1 1/4 hours and felt very tired in the legs in the evening, but otherwise all is well.

11/19  Down 0.6 pounds, but legs are still sore from tennis so I think that’s affecting things. I’m still feeling good, though I can still feel fatigue in my legs from yesterday. I am starting to sleep a bit better, only 2 hot flashes last night. I was bothered more by my sore throat and occasional coughing. I discovered that the shrimp I bought were cooked before they were frozen. They are not good. But, altogether it has been a very good day. I still have an apple to go but I’m debating skipping it because I’m not hungry tonight.

11/20  Down 2.8, making up for the small loss yesterday and the sore legs, I imagine. Active day today, went to Tampa to see an old dear friend, had a bad blood sugar reaction about noon-1PM. It came on slowly, more and more sweating, then dizziness, nausea, fussy headed, didn’t feel good at all. I ate my lunch and a bit of Cliff bar and got better, but didn’t feel right for the rest of the day. I asked on line in a yahoo group and this has happened to others, some with more dramatic results (passing out on the floor). Plan to carry emergency sugar from now on. Word is it can take 2-3 days to feel right after this.

11/21  Down 0.4  Still not feeling right, mostly dizzy. I almost feel like my inner ear problems are back a bit. The world spins if I turn my head too fast. I had hot flashes during the night but still slept better than without HCG. Last night we took before and after pictures in the same clothes and poses, as best we could and it was a real eye opener. It made the difference really obvious, and to think I am barely 1/4 of the way to where I want to be.

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