This seems to have come with the blog, so I may as well use it.  Why is it always so hard to write an “about me” thing?

I’m 59, married to my best friend since 1996. We live in Sarasota Florida with two dogs, water lily ponds, beehives, fruit trees, and other assorted amusements on our property. I have two grown daughters, and some step kids and grand-kids.

I’m a nurse – home health. I get to ride around this beautiful place and meet interesting people, and hopefully do something useful sometimes. I’ve been doing this a long time and look forward to retirement, but as jobs go it could be worse.

Speaking of retirement, we are planning to move to David, Panama (Central America). It’s warm, beautiful, the people are wonderful, there is lots to do, and living is inexpensive. We’re ready for a new adventure!

But, right now, and the main purpose of this blog is a journey I am on.  I have been big all my life and fought to keep my weight down – unsuccessfully. I had given up all hope until through a couple friends, I discovered HCG. The rest will be chronicled in this blog here.

And, since I’m talking about me, lets see if I can a pic in here too.


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