Moving Forward!

After a week of making some progress with ups and down, I’ve had a spectacular 4 days – 4 1/2 pounds down. I’m not sure why the last few days have been different but it’s nice to see so much progress.

I’m having definite clothes problems. It seems everything I have is so big it’s in danger of falling off, and I find myself without much of anything to wear. Even the scrubs I altered not so long ago look big again. What a nice problem to have! But, I hate to buy anything new knowing, or at least planning to continue to shrink. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to get busy with the sewing machine again.

The picture – we were driving home one evening and the sky was doing the most spectacular things. In the end it was such an intense orange the whole sky looked like it was on fire. This is a photo taken with our Nikon and unaltered, untouched, un-photoshopped in any way. It really did look like that!


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