Does anyone notice that you are thinner?

I’ve lost 32 pounds since early September. I still have a fair amount to go, but this is still a noticeable difference, I think. It’s funny. Until recently nobody seemed to notice.

I work for two different companies and in one, nobody has said a word. The other company, a couple people noticed a week or two ago, and now it seems they all notice. When I came in today a bunch of them asked me what I was doing to lose the weight. I was very surprised to find out that a number of my coworkers had also used HCG a few years ago with success. The main thing with them was they were going through a doctor and it was costing them hundreds and hundreds of dollars.I’m glad I have affordable on line sources!

Then, there are my friends. Only one has said anything, and then it wasn’t until we were back home. She emailed me saying she noticed I’d lost weight. This coming weekend I’m going to a holiday party where I’ll see a number of friends I haven’t seen in months so I wonder what will happen.

I don’t care if people notice or not, really. I’m doing this for me, not anyone else. It’s just curious how little we really look at each other. I think we tend to see what is the same – yep, that’s my familiar friend! We tend not to notice what is different until it is too obvious to ignore. It makes me wonder about myself too. How much to I fail to notice about my friends and co-workers? Probably more than I realize.

This is a photo of a banana leaf, uploaded to be used by my new theme.


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  1. Haha… in my experience, people always notice faster when you put on weight. Even I lost weight weight recently but people around me noticed and started talking about it only after i lost about 10 pounds. Whereas even If i put on 5 pounds, I would start getting comments on it. 🙂

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