I have been making slow but steady progress on my weight loss, but this morning I woke up down 1.8 pounds!! I wasn’t hungry at all day before yesterday and skipped both fruits. Yesterday I was extra hungry and ate everything. I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything. I’m just happy to see such good progress this morning.

I’m trying this quick post form, so lets see what happens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!



  1. Awesome!
    I found that the days I don’t get all my food in, or the days I’m low on water intake, I don’t lose much the next day… Blogging has been really great at helping me spot trends. I’ve never used this tool before. (Actually, this is the first time a blog I started has made it into double digit posts! lol)

  2. Really, that’s interesting. You would think eating less would mean more weight loss, but what we’ve been taught to think is often incorrect. I have heard that less water can cause you to retain water so that makes some sense. Good idea using your blog to keep track of what you are doing as it relates to your results. I also use and find it very helpful.

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