The clothes don’t fit!

I’m starting to look like I’m swimming in my scrubs, so I was doing some alterations tonight. Hubby snapped this picture of me. It’s interesting seeing pictures now. I looked so bloated before, and now I don’t. I’m actually starting to enjoy seeing pictures of myself!

You can see my hubby in the reflection too, and a bit of our living/dining room. We like color!

What a nice problem to have – the clothes are too big!

Today it’s my blood sugar

I’ve been talking about my dog, and trying to get his blood sugar down. Today, it was me and trying to get my blood sugar up.

Dr Simeons mentions in “Pounds and Inches” that it is possible to have a low blood sugar reaction but I never paid much attention. That wouldn’t happen to me. I had no problems in round 1, but this time it’s happened to me 3 times.

The first time was last Sunday and I was away from home. I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with hot flashes on my P3/P4 break from HCG so at first I thought that is what it was. After 30-60 minutes though, I was sweating continuously and feeling bad, nausea, dizzy, and very fuzzy headed. I should have figured it out a lot faster than I did! When I did, I ate my lunch and my friend gave me a couple bites of Cliff bar, and I improved and stopped sweating. I still didn’t feel well in general though even the next day, and it was the following day before I felt like myself again.

The second time was Tuesday, and I’m not totally sure it was that. I just wasn’t feeling right so I ate a half teaspoon of honey, and the rest of the day went well.

Then today it happened again. I had just come home from work and was standing in the kitchen talking with my husband. I realized I was having trouble following what he was saying, and then the sweat started trickling down my back and face. This time I took a whole teaspoon of honey and it passed in a few minutes. I have had no after effects, I think because I caught it so quickly this time.

I have a small container of honey in the car for emergencies now! I’m wondering if I should rethink my mornings. Every time it has happened about lunch time before I have had anything to eat for the day. Maybe I should have part of my lunch protein in the morning?

Meanwhile, the dog is getting a break. I haven’t had the time to closely monitor him today so I left him at the same dose. Tomorrow I will try raising his dose another unit and see how he does. I can already see an improvement in the excessive drinking and peeing though, so we’re on to something.


I have been making slow but steady progress on my weight loss, but this morning I woke up down 1.8 pounds!! I wasn’t hungry at all day before yesterday and skipped both fruits. Yesterday I was extra hungry and ate everything. I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything. I’m just happy to see such good progress this morning.

I’m trying this quick post form, so lets see what happens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

our bloodless dog – continuing the process of caring for a diabetic dog

We are learning how to manage our dog with diabetes. I’m a nurse. I know this stuff! But, I never thought it would be such a challenge to get blood out of a dog! He doesn’t have handy fingers I can poke when I need a sample.

The vet said poke his ear (didn’t work) Instructions I found on line said poke his inner lip, skin near the base of the tail, “thumb” on the back of his front legs, elbow (none worked). I finally got frustrated with tormenting the dog with so little success, so I went back to the vet who explained where to find an easy vein. I don’t even like poking veins on people! But, it seems with a tiny insulin syringe and a lot of luck, and my hubby holding the dog and providing encouragement, I am having some success without upsetting the dog too much.

Actually, I think the dog is enjoying the attention and extra reward treats much more than he dislikes the poking. But, unfortunately his blood sugars are still 300-500+. I increased the insulin by another unit at supper, still 431 tonight (goal is below 200 at least part of the time). So, we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Thank goodness for a very good dog who is being very patient with me!

Wednesday, feels like Friday

I’m glad it feels like Friday because I’m tired tonight, and kicking back and relaxing a bit tomorrow will be nice.

I’m down 0.4 today, total 4.4 this round since I got back to my pre-loading weight last Friday. It’s been a good day, feeling good, plenty of energy, no hunger problems until tonight when I got home and decided I’d had enough excitement for one day. But, all in all I’m very happy.

Before and After

My husband and I got this idea a couple days ago. I chose some pictures friends had taken of me and posted on Facebook last summer, before HCG. Then, we took more pictures at the beginning of round 2 wearing the same clothes, and in the same poses as closely as we could manage. I was surprised! It’s so easy to concentrate on the work yet to be done and not see what I have already accomplished so this was very encouraging.

I know I have a ways to go, but I can definitely see a difference.  I have also managed to upload pictures to my blog, so I feel like I’m learning my way around this site more.  I think I’m going to have fun with this blog!

The dog has diabetes

I have a great Jack Russel! He’s so full of life, mischief, love, intelligence, and he’s just a super little dog.

He’s been drinking more and more water though, and I’ve been noticing he looks thinner. Today his blood tests confirmed my suspicions. He has diabetes. I’m very thankful that it is something manageable and not something deadly. I’m also very thankful for my nursing experience. This isn’t going to be much different than managing a person with new diabetes and insulin. It’s just going to be different checking blood sugars on a dog who probably won’t be too happy with me pricking his ear. He would be much unhappier being stuck at the vet for a few days though to get regulated, and so would I!

Wish us luck!

Good morning day 6, round 2

Is it day 6, or do I count the loading days which would make this day 8? It is day 6 of the low calorie diet part of the process. If I do it for 40 days I have 34 days to go. If I feel well though, I may not stop then. When the weight is dropping it is hard to stop.

I had a low blood sugar incident Sunday and I still didn’t feel well yesterday, dizzy, tired, out of sorts. I slept very well last night and feel better today, so hopefully I’m over that. I’m glad to know from some others in the yahoo groups that I read that this isn’t unusual. It can happen that you have a blood sugar drop, which I knew (but of course didn’t think would happen to me!).  But I didn’t realize it can take a couple days to get yourself back together afterwards.

Today is going to be a better day! I’m feeling better this morning. I had a 0.2 pound drop which isn’t dramatic, but I’m down 4 pounds in 6 days (not even counting the loss of the couple pounds I gained while loading), so this isn’t bad, not bad at all. I’ll take it!

Figuring it out!

I think I’m getting the hang of this. I write something on the “About” page, and I managed to create another page. I had a journal of my HCG journey though phase 1, before I came to this blog space so I put that in “My beginning HCG journal”  I can make another page with my phase 2 so far, and then I’ll be pretty much caught up to where I am now.

just arriving

I just arrived at WordPress, and this is my first post. Testing, testing…..  I’m going to look around and check things out, and then I’ll be ready to start putting things in my blog. Stand by 🙂